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When we decided to take the challenge of running a car wash and detailing company, we wanted to stand out from the rest and be successful in taking care of every single detail to guarantee our client’s satisfaction. Today, we can say that we are doing excellent and keep on working hard to continue innovating and improving our services to become an industry leader in the Denver area’s car washing and detailing industry.  

What Makes Our Superior Car Wash and Detailing Company Different?

Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us in all the meanings of the word. Not only do we want our clients to leave our car wash completely satisfied – we’ll re-wash the vehicle until they are – but also if it rains or snows within 48 hours of leaving our car wash and their service was $9 or above, they can bring it back for a free re-wash!


If you want to be the best, you need to invest not only in the best human resources but also in the best equipment to make sure that you can deliver outstanding results. When you bring your vehicle to us for cleaning and detailing, we’ll not compromise it with bad practices to get the job done easier.

At R&J’s, we are proud to be 100% brushless, and there is a significant reason why. Brushes can damage, scrape, or dull your vehicle’s exterior. On the contrary, we use a combination of computer-controlled specialty sprays along with soft cloth to leave your car shining and without marks or a dulled finish.

That is not all, because when it comes to getting your vehicle dry, we use high-end touchless air dryers, so your car will dry safely and spotting on the surface is prevented. After that process is done, we’ll finish drying by hand with microfiber towels to remove any remaining water.


Professionalism is something we are very serious about, and that includes the way that we wash and detail your vehicle and the unparalleled customer service we provide. To accomplish it, we have a very rigorous hiring process and choose only outstanding individuals through a comprehensive selection. However, that’s not the end of it, because after our selection process is done, we also invest significant resources in their training, sparing no expense.

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