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Water Saving Tips When Washing Your Vehicle

Planet Earth is our only home and every effort that we make to preserve it counts. At R&J’s Auto Spa, we like to take care of our planet and implement environmentally friendly practices, so our future generations can have a better place to live in.

Here are three tips for you to save water while washing your car and join us in our efforts for preserving our planet:

Use Only Toxic-Free Products

There are many products to clean and wash your vehicle, but not all of them are eco-friendly. It is important that you read each product label and make sure to choose toxic-free and biodegradable detergent products.  

Buy an Automatic Shutoff Nozzle Hose

While a standard garden hose uses an average of 10 gallons of water per minute, an automatic shutoff nozzle attached to your hose doesn’t allow water to flow continuously, saving up to 70 gallons of water per each car wash.

Take Your Car to an Eco-Friendly Car Wash

A professional car wash with eco practices is the best choice to have your car cleaned in a professional and responsible way. R&J’s has high-end equipment and highly trained staff to save water, and all the products we use are toxic-free and biodegradable.

Tips to Save Water When Washing Your Vehicle

Bring Your Vehicle to Our Auto Detailing and Express Car Wash

R&J’s is a fully equipped auto detailing and express car wash, with everything it needs to provide premium car washing and detailing services for our clients in Lakewood. 

Auto detailing and express car wash

All of the products we use are environmentally friendly, with no harsh or corrosive chemicals. Our qualified staff is courteous and professional, and we focus on delivering outstanding customer service. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee policy, so if you are not satisfied with our service, we will wash your car for free until you are 100% satisfied.