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A spray bottle spraying a dirty leather car seat in an attempt to clean it.Anyone who has invested in quality leather car seats knows that it can be a pain to maintain them. Leather car seats can get damaged in a number of ways such as too much exposure to the sun, abundant use and with general aging. Although it is impossible to make your leather seats last forever, there are a number of ways you can increase their lifespan.


Park in the Shade

When leather seats spend too much time in the sun, a number of things begin to happen. The leather will begin to heat up, which can potentially cause staining or cracking. The heat also makes the leather more malleable. This means that the more the seat is used when it is hot, the less elasticity the leather will have. By parking in the shade, you are minimizing the amount of sunlight that will hit seat seats.



Anyone who wants to take care of their leather seats should vacuum their car. By vacuuming your car you are removing all the dirt, dust and debris that has gathered on the leather. A little bit of dust will not destroy the leather instantly, however, if it is not cleaned regularly, the debris could gradually scratch the leather. Next time you are at a car wash, simply use one of the vacuums or air hoses to clean your seats.


Invest in Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Leather cleaners and conditioners are some of the best tools a driver can use to clean their leather car seats. They will not only improve the lifespan of the seats, but they also add a wonderful texture and scent to the leather. Leather cleaners and conditioners are affordable ways to make the most out of the lifespan of your leather seats.

Leather seats are expensive and are prone to getting damaged over time. Drivers that care about their leather seats should park in the shade, vacuum their seats and invest in a leather cleaner and conditioner.
For more information on how to maintain the quality of your leather car seats, feel free to contact the automotive pros at RJ’s Auto Spa.