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You know that great feeling that comes after having your vehicle thoroughly washed? We are familiar with it, too, and it’s only understandable that you’ll want to keep your ride clean and shiny for as long as possible despite the fact that it may be a challenging goal, considering the unpredictable weather in Colorado. No matter how flimsy your desire for a clean-for-more-than-a-few-days car is, it is not impossible. With these four simple tips, it will be easier to maintain and enjoy a clean vehicle for a longer time!

How to Make Your Car Washing Efforts Worthwhile

1) Use a Car Cover

If your vehicle has to be parked outdoors for extended periods of time or in a dusty garage, it is recommended to buy a car cover to protect your ride from the snow, dust, rain, bird droppings, and any other external elements, allowing you to keep it shiny for longer.    

2) Have It Waxed

When your vehicle is waxed, it gets protection from the elements, and most importantly, against the sun. Besides protecting the paint, a coat of quality wax will give your vehicle a shiny look, and it will help keep the dust and dirt off.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

3) Choose Your Parking Spot Wisely

Many vehicle owners make the mistake of parking their cars under a tree to protect it from the sun and benefit from the shade that it offers. In doing so, the chances are that the car can get dirty with leaves, dust, bird droppings, and other stuff that could get stuck on the windshield, windows, and paint.

4) Clean Your Wiper Blades

The wiper blades are in charge of cleaning the windshield, so if they are dirty, it will do the opposite function. If you want to keep your windshield clean and avoid compromising your visibility, we recommend checking the wipers and cleaning them on a regular basis for a clearer and safer drive.

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