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You car seats are vital vehicle components that can get dirty easily enough, especially if you allow your passengers to eat inside the car or someone is dirty or wet when getting in. When it comes to cleaning car seats, it is critical to do it correctly as to avoid bad smells to build up or damaging the upholstery.

How to Clean Your Car Seats

1) Read The Vehicle Manual

There are many different types of car seats, and not all car cleaning products can be used on all materials. If you are not going to take your ride to a professional car wash and detailing company, then you should always take the time to read the owner’s manual to see if your vehicle manufacturer gives any seat cleaning or maintenance advice.

2) Vacuum Your Seats

Once you know which products can be used, the very first step is to vacuum clean the seats. You can use any type of vacuum cleaner as long as it fits inside the cabin and allows you to move it freely. Make sure to vacuum both the car seats and also the floor carpets to make sure all of the dust inside of your vehicle is removed before proceeding to apply cleaning products to the seat’s surface.

3) Washing Car Seat

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To clean your vehicle seats, you’ll need two buckets, a sponge, a premium interior car cleaning product, and a microfiber towel. The reason we recommend two buckets is so you don’t use the dirty water all over again when cleaning the sponge. It is vital not to get the seat too wet so that the drying process doesn’t take too long afterward. As soon as you finish cleaning the seats with the sponge and car cleaning product, use the microfiber towel to absorb any excess water and then leave them to dry with the doors open.

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