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It’s no secret that most people visit express car washes in Lakewood on warm, sunny days. If you are used to washing your car at home, you may notice that professional car washes add a step: drying the vehicle. Car washes don’t just leave vehicles out in the hot sun and let them drip dry.

Car Wash and Detailing CompanyGet the Perfect Shine When You Dry

There are several methods for drying a car. When deciding how to dry your car, you need to choose a fast method. Speed helps to eliminate water residue and protect the car’s natural shine. Leaving water on the surface of your vehicle for an extended period of time can create spots and discoloration.

How Express Car Washes Dry Your Vehicle

A standard car wash in Lakewood uses a simple drying system at the end of the automatic wash cycle. Three high-speed air dryers blow on the surface of your car to quickly get it clean. Unlike air drying, the hot air removes any excess water within seconds. The Dri Bright application helps to bring out the shine of the vehicle.

Better express car wash services take this a step further, offering a hand dry rather than the high-speed air dryers. This helps to guarantee no dirt is left behind on the vehicle. Professionals use special microfiber drying towels to help get the perfect clean.

Easily See If You Missed a Spot

If you or a professional is hand drying the vehicle, you will quickly notice any imperfections. This gives you an opportunity to scrub the spot, rather than drive away and be embarrassed by it later. Drying is the finishing touch that no car can afford to skip.

Get the Perfect Clean

Hand drying a vehicle can be very time consuming if you are working alone. That’s why R&J’s Auto Spa works hard to make sure your vehicle is dry before you drive. Contact us today to learn more.