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People often wonder how a car wash in Bel Mar can get vehicles looking perfectly clean. It’s no secret that standard and express car washes use powerful cleaning tools and solutions. While the low PH foaming soap and wrap cloth wash away as much of the dirt as possible, it alone does not get your car looking like new. If you want to preserve the original color of your vehicle, you need a clear coat protectant.

Cleaning Your Car EngineWhat is a Clear Coat?

A clear coat is a finishing touch on your vehicle. It is designed to help bring out the natural colors of the paint and protect against environmental contaminants. While this isn’t the same thing as adding a clear coat of paint, it can help repel water. This coating also makes the car dry faster, giving your vehicle a “ready to go” look.

Not Just a Visual Effect

High-quality car washes don’t just use clear coats because it makes the exterior look nice. The extra coating helps to protect the integrity of your car’s paint job. Have you ever noticed how some vehicles get large, discolored spots on their exterior after a storm? These are usually because the car doesn’t have any protection. The thin coat helps water slide off of the vehicle before it can damage it.

What is Dri Bright?

Dri Bright is the clear coat protectant used at R & J’s Auto Spa. This clear coat was selected because it can quickly cover the surface of the vehicle. The solution is oil-free and applied within minutes. Because Dri Bright is designed to be a multi-purpose drying agent, it works quickly to repel water and brighten the colors on your vehicle.

Clear Coats on Every Wash

At R & J’s Auto Spa, we use Dri Bright on all surfaces of the vehicle before applying our Spot Free Rinse. To learn more about how this affects the cleanliness of your car, please contact us today.