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People who want to maintain the quality of their vehicle’s exterior have a number of options for protecting and polishing their vehicle. In fact, car buffing is also a science onto itself, as there are numerous ways in which an owner can work imperfections and scratches out of her or his vehicle.

This post will briefly discuss at-home car buffing, while also offering owners some suggestions on when to contact a professional detailing company.

What Is Auto or Car Buffing?

Buffing removes scratching and oxidation that ordinarily exposure to sunlight and weather will create. In addition to removing surface scratches, buffing can also leave the car’s paint looking brighter and glossier. Whether a car is brand-new or 20 years old, a good buff-and-wax will greatly improve a car’s aesthetic appeal and potential resale value.

car waxing and buffing

Owners can begin by working out some scratches with a good buffing compound and a wool pad. This is a more abrasive method of buffing and will pull some of the heavier scratches out of a vehicle’s clear coat. Most professionals would advise owners to work carefully in smaller sections, such as two-by-two feet, alternating between north-south and east-west buffing movements.

Owners should try to keep the pad flush against the vehicle, and not apply too much pressure to one single spot. Once owners have finished spreading the buffing compound, they should then wipe it clean with the microfiber towel.

Supplies and tools to use for buffing and waxing a vehicle:

  • A good car wash soap
  • A high-quality car wax compound
  • Microfiber buffing towels
  • Rotary buffer
  • Vinyl and rubber compound
  • Foam pad
  • Wool pad
  • Clay bar (optional)
  • Wheel polish

Owners who do not have access to all of the tools listed above can alternatively consider having a high-quality auto detailer work on their vehicle’s exterior.

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