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Nothing will ruin the appearance and overall value of your car more than a nasty paint scratch. Maybe you got a little close to another car or the guard rail and now you have an unsightly scratch up and down the side of your car. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional car cleaning company like R&J’s Auto Body Shop in order to have the scratch removed.

Car Buffing

Unfortunately, you can just wash your car yourself to remove a paint scratch. You’ll need access to some more robust equipment like a car buffer or polisher. These powerful machines will buff just about anything out of the surface of your car, but it’s usually best to leave the task to a professional instead of trying to buff the scratch out yourself. If you’re not careful, you might buff right through your car’s paint job or leave an unsightly swirl that’s almost just as bad as the scratch you were trying to get out in the first place.

It’s best use a gentle approach when using a car buffer. Slowly apply pressure to the machine as it quickly swirls around the area that’s scratched.

Using a Car Coat Protectant

When the scratch has finally been removed, you might want to think about using a car coat protectant to prevent this from happening again. Your car can get scratched in all kinds of situations, so it’s best to have another layer of defense on your side. The car coat protectant will add some buffer to your car’s paint job, protecting it from sharp objects and metal surfaces. You shouldn’t have to call a car buffer every time you notice a little dink or scratch. You’ll have more peace of mind when you use a car coat protectant.

If you’re looking to have a scratch removed from the surface of your car, come to R&J’s Auto Body Shop for car buffing in Arvada, CO.