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If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably tired of seeing big globs of pet hair every time you open the door to your car. Just like when you try to get dressed for work and you see those big clumps of hair in the mirror, pet hair can ruin the appearance of your car’s interior and make it nearly impossible not to get hairy as you drive to work. But you can get rid of pet hair using one of these methods.

Using Tape or a Lint Roller

Using anything sticky like tape or lint roller can help you remove some of the pet hair in your car. This works will if your pet was only in the car for a little while or your pet doesn’t have a lot of hair. It might take you a while to clean up all the hair if you use this method, so it’s usually best if you want to clean a small area. If you’re using tape, roll it onto itself until there’s only the sticky side showing. You can then push down on the cushions until the pet hair goes away.

Using a Vacuum for Pet Hair

Some vacuums are specially designed to remove pet hair. They come with attachments and special brushes that go between the bristles of the fabric, slowly peeling the hair out. If you are constantly trying to keep pet hair out of your car, you might want to invest in one of these powerful pieces of machinery. Look for a vacuum that is designed for pet owners in the store.

Come to Your Local Car Wash

You can also have the professionals take care of the pet hair for you. Visit your local car wash for a range of interior detailing services. A professional will have all the right tools to help you get rid of all the hairballs hiding around your car. The process doesn’t take too long, so you should hair-free before you know it.

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