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Whether you have a new or used car, chances are you like it’s color. You would not want the color to start chipping and peeling off, right? Well, exposure to the elements will make erosion of the paint layer inevitable – unless of course, you have a clear coat protectant applied. A clear coat is a transparent layer of paint that seals the paint layer, protecting it from the elements.

Although clear coat protectant is a proven way to protect the paint layer on your car – and keep it looking brand new for years – there is still the risk of cracks through exposure to the elements. Road debris, rocks, UV rays, and rust are all prone to damaging the clear coat layer. In order to keep your clear coat protectant layer sealed for as long as possible, you need to avoid certain environments and keep your car relatively protected as much as possible. Like many things to do with auto parts, the more attentive you are in maintaining the product, the better it will work. Here, in more detail, is how you can make your clear coat last for a long time.

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Avoid the sun as much as possible

The easiest thing you can do is keep your car out of the sun as much as possible. As mentioned above, prolonged exposure to UV rays will cause the coating to weaken, creating little holes in the layer that allow rocks and dirt from the road to pierce the coating and hit the paint layer directly. Always park in the garage at home or at work. If indoor parking is not option in either case, you can always purchase an awning to cover your car from the suns rays.

Avoid salty air

Corrosion of all types of auto paint will result from prolonged exposure to salty air. If you live close to the ocean, in which case there is little you can do about exposure to salty air, the best thing to do is wash your car after every prolonged period of exposure.

Clean your car every month

Aside from UV rays or salt particles in the air, your clear coat is also prone to damage from all sorts of debris from the road. Types of debris to focus on include: rocks and dirt popping up from the road, rust in colder climates, bird droppings, and sap from trees. To keep your car clean of this natural debris, you should have your car cleaned once every four weeks.

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