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car washIt is important that we keep both the interior and exterior of our vehicles clean. This will make it both more aesthetically pleasing and safer to drive. Drivers will often spend time on the body of the vehicle, the windshields, and the seats. However, there are a number of aspects of our vehicles that we often forget to clean. It is crucial that we keep these areas of our vehicles neat and tidy.



Although it’s easy to simply dump all of our stuff in our vehicle’s trunk, this isn’t the best choice. Having a full trunk adds more weight to the vehicle, which means that it has to work harder to get from point A to point B. Also, if there is ever an emergency and you need extra space, having an empty trunk can be a lifesaver.


Rear View and Side Mirrors

Next time you are at a car wash in Lakewood, CO, be sure to give you rear view and side mirrors a quick clean. Over time, debris can build up on these mirrors, making it difficult to see what is behind you. By simply wiping the mirrors with a cloth, you’ll have optimal vision on the road.


Centre Console and Glove Box

Like the trunk, the center console and glove box of a vehicle can become dumping grounds for random objects. Whether it’s napkins, maps or snacks, every center console is often filled with useless objects. Be sure to go through your center console and glove box, and remove any unnecessary items. You can replace these items with something more useful such as a phone charger or GPS unit.


Next time you’re cleaning your vehicle, be sure to deal with all of the dirty areas, not just the common ones. Vehicle aspects such as trunks, rearview mirrors, side mirrors, the center console, and glove boxes can become filthy over time. Be sure to give these areas a thorough clean before you hit the road.
For more information on the common places in our vehicles that we forget to clean, call the automotive experts at RJs Auto Spa.