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Blemishes in your car’s windshield or windows represent a safety risk that only an auto detailing company is qualified to fix.

Drivers need clear vision at all times. A cut or streak in the windshield compromises your vision and puts you at greater risk of getting into an accident.

Unfortunately, despite the severity of the situation, it is very common for drivers to persist with streaks or marks in the window that reduces visibility. The reason why this problem persists is that car owners would rather try and clean their windows on their own instead of taking their car in for an auto detailing and car wash service. There are many ways to clean your windows the wrong way, and all of them contribute to hazier, compromised vision on the road that puts everyone on the road at increased risk. Here are three common mistakes that people make when polishing the glass windows of their cars:

Washing the exterior of a car with a sponge

Using the wrong product

There are tons of different glass cleaning products out there. The auto parts industry has grown exponentially over the past decade as the market for DIY cleaning supplies has matured. Companies are selling all different types of cleaning solutions that they claim will make your windows as good as new. A lot of this is marketing language that convinces consumers in the store, only to let them down when the product is tried at home. With so many different products on the market, it is really hard to know which product is right for your car, and as a result, it’s easier to buy the wrong product than the right one.

Using the wrong cloth

What sort of material or tool do you use to clean your windows?  A squeegee at the gas station is a better option than a regular rag or newspaper, popular materials of choice for car owners looking for a cheap fix. All of these are inferior to microfiber rags, which, because of their soft texture, do not leave marks on the glass or water streaks (like the squeegee does).

Rubbing the wrong way

The secret to polishing glass is in the cleaning motion. Some experts will rub horizontally on the outside and vertically on the inside. Others will apply only a mist of the solution and rub in concentric circles on both sides. The key here is being consistent, something folks in their garage tend to forget as they eagerly go about rubbing their windows, hoping that pressure and conviction will get them clean windows. They will not.

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