Welcome to R&J’s Auto Spa! There are times when driving a dirty car doesn’t do the trick, and regardless of how many times you wash it, it still looks dirty. Pay us a visit!  We offer different types of car auto detailing service where we are not only committed to giving your four wheels the cleanest look, but to giving you the best customer service. Allow us to give you an amazing experience. Visit our facility in Golden and check out our V.I.P. membership or our senior discounts. We are here to serve you and make sure your ride keeps that new polish and well-taken-care-of look.

Our service is the most complete around

We run a spa for your car. We are not satisfied if you are not, and that means offering you a variety of auto detailing to choose from. Our membership offers you “no waiting in line to pay,” so you can get back home or to work much faster. Save money by having us do the work. Our prices are the best in Golden, so come by and take advantage of our 15% off military discount. Why? Because you deserve it.  

The more you visit us, the more you save money. It’s that simple!

Ask us about our Family Plus Membership. It is the perfect way to save you money and keep your family happy with unlimited auto detailing. We also offer a 72-hour Clean Car Guarantee, because we all know of those times that it is just nearly impossible to keep it clean. Visit us in the Golden area so you can see firsthand what an amazing thing we got going down here. Great prices, expert staff, and one the best, if not the best, customer service around. Many treat themselves to a spa where they can relax and feel renewed after a strenuous day at the office or dealing with heavy traffic, so why not treat your ride the same way? You’d be glad you did it with a new car smell that says goodbye to those pesky odors that tend to accumulate after miles on the road.

Don’t let another day go by under the scorching sun without giving your car the best auto detailing around. Come see our trained staff and their knowledge on how to keep your vehicle looking amazing. There’s no time like right now to give your car the look it deserves and to give yourself the pleasure and satisfaction only a clean car can give you. Visit our Auto Spa in Golden. For inquiring on our prices, specials, and memberships, please visit us at www.rjsautospa.com. We are here to serve you and care for your vehicle needs.