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Cleaning your own vehicle is something most car owners do with pride. On the one hand, buying a car is one of the most important financial decisions in life, and maintaining the quality of this investment is clearly worth-while. On the other hand, the state of your car does reflect in some way on your identity and social status, another reason why people feel a personal obligation to keep their car clean.

Although you might feel pride and joy cleaning your car, the fact is that DIY car cleaning is far less effective than getting a professional car wash service. On top of the time, energy, and money you put into cleaning your car, by the end, you usually wind up with a partially clean vehicle. If driving in a clean, well-maintained vehicle is truly what makes you proud, then it’s time to acknowledge the limits of DIY car cleaning and take it to a professional car wash service instead. Here are a few of the limits of DIY car cleaning that cannot be ignored.

DIY Car Cleaning

Lack of Expertise

No hobby car cleaner is going to be as effective or efficient at cleaning their car as a professional is. The expertise in interior and exterior car cleaning comes from having a system (a thoroughly planned cleaning routine that works on all vehicles) and all the resources available to deal with all different types of interior fabrics or exterior blemishes. Most car owners, when going about cleaning their car, will go about it a different way every time and even use different product every time. The outcome of this haphazard approach is a partially cleaned car. The other clear downside to a lack of expertise is that you might wind up using a cleaning product that does permanent damage to the interior of your car, to give just one example.

The Expenses

Another limit to DIY cleaning is the amount of money you need to spend in relation to the outcomes you can expect. It simply makes more economic sense to take your car into a professional cleaner once a month than to spend money on cleaning supplies that you might use once every few months. These expenses tend to pile up for people and often exceed the cost of a quick monthly car cleaning service. And that’s not to mention the time and energy required to clean a car effectively on a regular basis.

There is no question that car owners should be proud of their vehicles and do some rudimentary cleaning once and a while. But to think you can achieve professional quality clean with scarce time, energy, and expertise is to ignore the limitations of DIY car cleaning.

The best approach is to combine a bit of your own upkeep with the professional service of a car wash company like R&Js Auto Spa. Contact us today to arrange a cleaning.