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Maintain Your Car’s Working Condition and Stay Safe

Keeping your ride in the best condition possible has many advantages. It will get hold its value longer, look nicer, sell for a better price and faster, and most importantly, keep you and your family safe. For all those reasons, today we want to give you four tips to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible.

1- Wash It Regularly

Washing your vehicle is essential for keeping its components in good condition, as it gets rid of external elements that could harm it such as salts, mud, bird droppings, and dust. It also makes your vehicle look awesome, so you feel better about your ride and your self-esteem increases.

2- Detail It

It is recommended to fully detail your vehicle at least two times per year. When bringing your car to R&J’s Auto Spa for a professional detail, the thorough process will provide an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s paint and its exterior and interior components.

3- Avoid the Sun for Extended Periods of Time

If you usually park outdoors, make sure to find a shaded spot because when a car is exposed to the sun for long periods, its paint and other parts can start to fade, crack, or be affected.  

4- Have It Checked

No matter the brand or how good your vehicle is, it still needs regular maintenance just as any other machine does. Always make sure to have it checked and the oil changed at the appropriate mileage to keep it running smoothly and finely tuned at all times.

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