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It could happen to anyone. Whether something gets spilled or a window gets left down when it’s raining, mold can grow on the interior of your car. If this happens, it could lead to health issues and a terrible smell. Instead of selling the car, there are ways to get mold out of the inside of a vehicle.

Remove loose items

If the mold is growing on blankets or clothing that have been left in the car, remove these so the spores can’t spread. You may decide to wash them, but keep in mind that it may not remove all traces of mold or get rid of any staining that may have occurred. The best option might be to throw these away and get new articles.

Vacuum the car

Using a vacuum on the car is the best way to get any spores that may be floating around. Make sure to get into all cracks and crevices, under the seats, and under the floor mats. Having a vacuum with good suction can be incredibly beneficial, as it will ensure that all spores are taken care of.

Spray the car with vinegar

This can be accomplished by pouring the vinegar into a clean spray bottle. Like vacuuming, make sure to get in every nook and cranny and underneath all seats and floor mats. After spraying the vinegar, wipe down all surfaces. The upholstery can be saturated with this liquid, then a scrub brush can be used to clean them.

professional auto detailingTake it to a professional detailer

If you find that you don’t want to mess with cleaning mold by yourself, then consider taking your vehicle to a professional detailer. They will have the equipment that is powerful enough to suck up any floating mold spores, as well as the right chemicals to get rid of the mold and any linger smells. They also have the ability to get into every crack where the spores could be hiding, including air vents.

If you find mold growing in your car and you don’t have the right equipment or you just want a professional clean, head down to RJs Auto Spa for a full service auto detail.