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Many of our customers will come into the auto body shop looking to have a tough stain removed from their car seat. People are always drinking and eating behind the wheel and something is bound to get spilled from time to time. People can struggle when it comes to getting a stain out of their car seat, so they’ll come to us for a thorough interior clean. Below, we’ll talk about some of the methods you can use to get out a stain.


There are lots of kinds of shampoo for interior of a car out there that are designed to get out tough stains from a cloth car seat. The person can just rub some shampoo into the material where the stain is located. They can they dab up the shampoo with a wet cloth and let the seat dry. If the stain is still there, we’ll move onto the next step.

Steam Vapor

Some car cleaning professionals will also turn to a steam vapor system when it comes to removing a tough stain. This requires a steam vapor cleaner that fills the interior of the car with steam. You’ll need to run the bristles of the machine over the surface of the car seat like a regular vacuum cleaner until the stain is gone. They, just open your windows or doors to let the steam out of the interior.

Leather Stain

If you have leather seats in your car, you’ll need to get a leather stain remover. These polishes and cleaners won’t hurt the surface of the leather, so it’s important to use one of these specialty products to make sure you don’t do any lasting damage to the interior of your car.

People tend to be busy when they’re driving around, so a tough stain might sit for a few hours or days before the person has a chance to take care of it. If you’re looking for someone to clean your car, come to R&J’s Auto Body Shop in Lakewood, CO.