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Vehicle maintenance is vital to keep it in top shape, and cleaning your tires properly is an important part of it. When washing your car’s tires, you are not only cleaning and leaving them shiny, but you are also protecting your wheels against rust and other corrosive elements out there.

Three Steps to Clean Your Car Tires

  • Materials: The very first thing you need to do is gather all the stuff needed, including two buckets, soap, and a hose.


  • Wash Your Tires With Soap: It is time to get rid of all the dirt, dust, and other external elements. First, wash your tires with enough water pressure to remove all the dirt and mud, and then with a sponge or fiber towel soaked in soap, clean the tire’s surface completely. Finally, rewash them with lots of water. As a tip, use two buckets with water – one to rinse the sponge or towel and the other with the soap to clean your tires – to avoid remains of the old dirt when cleaning the sponge.


  • Finally, with a fiber towel, dry the wheels to avoid watermarks. Make sure to repeat this process every time you wash your car or as needed, and you’ll have clean and shiny tires when hitting the road.

Clean Your Car Tires

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