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Here are the pros and cons of hand washing versus an automatic car wash.

Hand washing pros and cons

Advocates of hand car washing say that it’s like a soothing ritual for them. This is particularly common among petrol-heads who have a deep appreciation of their cars, and see it as too valuable for a machine to be trusted with it.

Indeed, on a hot summer’s day, it can be a relaxing experience shining your vehicle to its finest appearance.

However, it remains true that a simple garden hose can produce as much power to clean a vehicle efficiently. It takes a significant amount of time to wash a car by hand, and whether you enjoy it or not, it’s surely easy to find more enjoyable past-times.

What’s more, a study by the Technological University of Munich proved hand car washing to be a horrible idea, if you were at all interested in preserving the finish on your vehicle’s paint work.

The study’s authors concluded that the tiny dirt particles, which inevitably become trapped in the pores of the cloths and sponges used during hand washing, were responsible for performing notable scratches on the paint’s surface after just 25 washes.

Automatic pros and cons

The same criticism has been directed automatic car washes in the past. Nay-sayers claimed that the old-style bristle brushes used would damage a car’s paintwork. Although this may be the case, most high-end automatic car washes now use softer cloths and brushes which prevent such damage from occurring.

Automatic car wash may cost more money, but they save time and hassle and could well earn you money in the form of an increased resale price.

They do a better job of cleaning your car, getting into hard-to-reach areas fenders and wheels with ease, ensuring a fuller clean.

If you want your car will clean to a shine in minutes, an automatic car wash is the way to go.