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Winterizing your car is an important tradition. While many people do come in for an auto detailing service prior to the holidays, maintaining a regular clean is crucial. Whether you are picking up relatives from out of town or you want to continue to protect your vehicle throughout the season, we are here for you.

Cleaning Your Car EngineProtect Your Car this Winter with a Regular Clean

Even if you are planning on spending most of your winter days hibernating in your home under a warm blanket, you still need to think about your vehicle. Vehicles that sit outside are exposed to more elements during the winter. Not only can snow and ice eat away at your paint, it can cause damage. The salt from the roads can also build under your car, causing damage. This means that cleaning your car in the winter is just as important as cleaning it in the summer.

The Perfect Time to Detail Clean

Many people schedule an auto detailing service in Lakewood when seasons begin to change. This helps serve as a remember that it is time for an annual deep cleaning.

Special Holiday Hours

Starting on November 6th, R&J’s Auto Spa will be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. While we understand the importance of having a clean car for the holidays, our business will be closed for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who loves their vehicle? If you are looking for a practical gift that car enthusiasts can use, look no further than R&J’s Auto Spa! Our gift cards and punch cards always make excellent stocking stuffers!

Get the Perfect Clean throughout Winter

Your car won’t stay clean just because it’s chilly outside. Keep your car looking its best with the help of R&J’s Auto Spa. Click here to learn more about our express car wash and auto detailing services today!