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Are you interested in getting some work done on your car? Do you know if it’s car detailing or car washing you need? Are you looking for the best auto detailing spots in Lakewood?

Auto detailing and car washing are two different, but very closely related services. It is not uncommon to meet customers who think they need a car wash when in fact the extent of markings and build up on their car means they should get car detailing work done instead. They are then surprised to learn that car detailing is more expensive than car washing. The reason is that car detailing services in Lakewood involve a broader range of services than a car wash. Both are certainly important in the regular upkeep of a vehicle, especially as the mileage begins to pile up and little blemishes become more acute after another cold winter, and there is no question that they serve different purposes.

Rather than leave any misunderstandings to linger, let’s take a look at what differentiates car detailing from car washing:

Car Cleaning Services

Auto Detailing vs Car Washing

Car detailing is like giving your car a thorough scrub down, inside and out. Car detailing involves:

  • An interior clean (careful vacuuming and an interior detailer will be applied to protect plastic from the sun)
  • An engine check (and cleaning)
  • An exterior cleanse (wash with soap and rinsed with a soft towel and clay bar, then a polish will be applied)

Car detailing will take at least a few hours to complete, in some cases extending to a day if a lot of detailed work is needed.

Car washing, on the other hand, is more akin to a quick shower for the car. Drive through car washing includes:

  • A drive through wash (power brushes are spray down the exterior to remove dirt and debris)
  • Optional additional services like a wheel clean or interior vacuum (as needed)

Getting your car washed and vacuumed should take no longer than 15 minutes unless you want additional services as mentioned above.

If you know which car care service you need or you want to learn more about either of these services, contact the car wash and auto detailing experts at R&J’s Auto Spa with your questions.