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When you’re driving around all the time, your windshield is bound to get dirty at some point. From the occasional down pour to bugs splattered all over the glass to nasty water spots, there are all kinds of stains that obstruct your field of view behind the wheel. These stains aren’t just an inconvenience, they can put you and your passengers lives at risk if you don’t clean off your windshield regularly or the glass becomes permanently stained. That’s why you should do everything you can to protect your windshield from stains, so they don’t become a major headache later on. Use these tips to keep tough stains at bay.

Cleaning Your Car Regularly

The best way to keep stains from clouding up your windshield is to clean your car regularly. But hosing down your car and breaking out a sponge in your driveway might not be enough to leave your car crystal clean. You might need to take your car to a local car wash if you want to really make sure these stains are gone for good. They have the equipment and cleaning supplies you need to completely remove these stains, including any residue that might be hanging around. When you’re cleaning your car yourself, you might leave water spots or swirls that can still be distracting.

Keeping a Towel Nearby for Emergencies

You never know when something might stain your windshield. But even if you’re rushing to get to work or on your way home after a long day, you can still remove the stain before it sets if you keep a dry towel handy. Just take a moment to wipe off the stain, so it doesn’t turn into a hard spot later on. Cleaning off the glass will be much easier when you finally get a chance to take your car to the car wash.

If you’re struggling to keep your windshield stain-free, come to R&J’s Auto Spa for a regular cleaning. We are one of the most popular car washes in all of Lakewood. Keep your field of view spotless and stop by today!