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Cleaning the interior of your vehicle is much more than just a visual thing; it is good for your health and also for your safety. If you let dust, dirt, and debris accumulate on your car, it could give you allergies. Also, if your windows get too dirty, it could affect your visibility when driving. Let’s not forget that a clean car gives it a good appearance and will help to maintain your vehicle’s value because it will protect the interior components from damage due to excess dirt or other elements.  

5 Steps for an Effective Car Interior Cleaning Process

1- Take Out All the Trash

Before cleaning the inside of your ride, make sure to get all of the trash out. Always look below the seats and other places where papers and other stuff might be.

2- Center Console

For the center console, use a microfiber towel and a product specially made for interior vehicle cleaning to avoid damaging the dash. We recommend to start with the cleanest areas first and then go to the dirtiest, leaving the grunge for last.

3- Windows

Use a high-quality window cleaner and a microfiber towel. Avoid using newspaper because it can leave ink residue on the window. The best way to clean them is by doing little circle movements.

4- Floor Mats

Don’t forget cleaning the floor mats outside the vehicle. Wash them with car soap and water, and leave them out to dry.

5- Vacuuming Time

When it comes to vacuum cleaning your car, we recommend you start from the top to the bottom. This means the roof panel first, then the seats, and finally the floor carpets.

Cleaning Your Car’s Interior

Let Our Professional Staff Clean Your Car!!!

The best way to clean your vehicle’s interior and exterior is by bringing it to our auto detailing and express car wash, which is designed to give your beloved ride the ultimate pampering and fresh glow. We use all environmentally friendly products with no harsh or corrosive chemicals. Bring your vehicle today and let us clean and detail it for you, and drive out looking like new!