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Having your car windows and windshield clean is vital for your safety, as it improves your visibility so you have a better chance of avoiding any unexpected objects on the road. As simple as it seems, if you don’t wash your windows the right way, you could end up doing the opposite. At R&J’s Auto Spa, we bring some useful tips for cleaning your vehicle windows and windshield’s interior and exterior.

Windows and Windshield Interior Cleaning   

Windshield Exterior Cleaning

The very first thing you need is to get a microfiber cloth, which is better than other cleaning methods used by many people, such as newspaper or paper towels, that could leave residues on the interior of the vehicle.

It is highly important that you buy a product specially made for glass cleaning to guarantee that your windows and windshield are going to get cleaned properly.   

One of the common mistakes many people do when cleaning their car windows is to spray the glass cleaner directly on them, spilling other interior components in the process. Instead of doing that, spray the glass cleaner on the microfiber cloth and wipe in circles or an up-and-down motion, then in a side-to-side fashion, making sure that you clean the whole surface.  

Windows and Windshield Exterior Cleaning   

Before starting to clean the outside windows and windshield, wash your car first to remove dust, bugs, and any other stuff that could be stuck to them. After washing your vehicle and when ready to start with the windows and windshield cleaning process, spray them with your glass cleaner product. In this case and contrary to the internal cleaning process, you can spray it directly to help you dissolve any type of object stuck on the windows.  

Now, with your microfiber cloth, wipe the same way that we recommended before, applying good pressure to make sure you get rid of all the dirt and grease stuck to them. Finally, avoid direct contact with the sun when cleaning your windows and windshield so your cleaner doesn’t dry before you can wipe it off.