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When it comes to car buffing and washing, one area that often goes overlooked is the headlights. But your headlights are one of the most important aspects of your car. They keep you safe at night by blasting powerful beams of light into the darkness. If your headlights get too dirty or you clean them using harmful ingredients, you might have a hard time seeing the road after the sun goes down. Use these tips to clean your car’s headlights, so you can stay safe on dark roads.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Using vinegar and baking soda tends to be one of the most effective methods for removing dirt and debris from a car’s headlights. Mix the two together and use a toothbrush or another type of brush with fine bristles to get rid of all the things gunking up your headlights. Make sure to use a circular motion and a light touch, otherwise, you might damage the oxidation of the headlights.


Toothpaste is another effective way of cleaning up your headlights. Use the same method mentioned above to get rid of the dirt and debris hiding around the edges of your headlights. Toothbrushes work great for this because they’re small enough that they can reach the small corners at the sides of your headlights. You’re going to need all the light you can get when driving on dark roads, so make sure the entire light is crystal clean.

Headlight Repair Kit

The automotive industry also makes special kits for repairing and cleaning headlights. These kits come with a range of accessories, tools, and cleaners that you can use to clean and repair your headlights. Read the instructions carefully as each kit tends to be different. Some kits are less effective than others, so make sure you read through the customer reviews or talk to the sales agent about which one they recommend for your car. If you drive through a lot of dirt or mud, you may need to get a heavy-duty repair kit.

You can also bring your car to R&J’s Auto Spa in Lakewood for a complete car wash. One of our professionals will make your headlights feel like new again.