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There is probably nothing your pet loves more than going for a ride. A trip to the park has your dog pretty excited, and he jumps up into your backseat with enthusiasm. But what about all that hair? Having a pet in your car can cause a real mess, so here are some tips to keep things tidy.

Keep them in one area

Chances are, having a pet in your car will cause a bit of mess. The best way to manage this is to keep them in one area of the car, so that when they drag in dirt or mud, shed hair, or get a little carsick, things are relatively contained. Setting up a comfy bed for your dog might be the best way to do this!

Cover up

Washable seat covers and heavy-duty floor mats are both a great idea. This protects the interior of your vehicle from all the stains and odors that might develop. If possible, removable covers will make for quick and simple cleanup when it is needed – something you can remove and hose off separately will make your life much easier!

Plan ahead

If you have a chance, plan ahead when you’re buying a new vehicle. Leather or vinyl seats will clean much more easily than fabrics, are more stain resistant, and will soak up fewer odors. If you do have fabric upholstery, look for something stain resistant and consider treatments that will help to control odors.

Remove Dog Hair from Your Car

Clean up quickly

Chances are, having a pet in your car will lead to the odd incident. If the worst happens, make sure you clean up quickly to prevent stains from setting or odors from sinking into the upholstery. Your local Lakewood car wash can help with a number of interior car detailing services that will keep your car looking and smelling great.

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