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Does Your Car Need a Quick Touch-Up?

There are instances in which a car just needs a professional once-over and not a full detail in which seats or dashboard components are removed. While owners can do this type of work themselves, most companies who provide high-quality professional car detailing in Lakewood, CO provide an option called a “mini-detail”.

What Is a Mini Detail?

In most cases, a car mini detail includes washing and vacuuming, with a bit more attention to the detail to areas of the vehicle such as the dashboard, doors jambs, wheels and tires, and windows. Many car owners would opt to have their vehicle professionally detailed in full a few times per year, while perhaps doing a mini detail once a month or so. This is an ideal maintenance plan to help keep a vehicle looking as good it possibly can.

In many cases, a mini detail would consist of the following:

Exterior Service

  • Window Cleaning
  • Hand Wash
  • Full Service to Wheels and Tires

Interior Service

  • Clean Door Jams
  • Clean Windows
  • Fully Vacuum the Vehicle
  • Surface Dashboard Service

professional Detail

Differences Between a Car Wash and a Mini Auto Detail

Most people understand that a car wash is simply a thorough cleaning of the vehicle’s exterior. Meanwhile, a full professional detail can be as comprehensive as an owner wishes, in many cases involving deep dirt and moisture removal from the vehicle’s carpets and headlines, as well as in-depth cleaning of the vehicle’s headlights, trunk, and so forth.

A mini detail is a nice bridge between the two services. While a routine car was every week or two is a good idea just to remove the top layer of dirt and grime, a mini detail is a sound monthly investment that helps protect a vehicle’s long-term value.

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