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When trying to get the best clean available, the details matter. While most car wash services in Lakewood will cover most of the car with a basic wash and auto detail package, there are still plenty of ways to improve. Uncommon cleaning services are available to help you get the small details that can have a significant impact on how you feel about your car.

Car Wash and Detailing CompanyStart with an Express Car Wash

Before you explore some of these extended services, you should consider purchasing an express car wash service. This will help you cover most of the exterior, allowing you to see which areas need additional attention easily.

Detailer’s Clay

Some stains are impossible to remove. Detailers clay helps address some of the most stubborn sections of the car, quickly eliminating all pollutants from the surface. Grime that would normally cling to the surface is eliminated, helping you get a complete look.

Engine Cleaning

Much like how an undercarriage wash can help the sensitive internal components of your vehicle, an engine cleaning can take it a step further. This unique washing process doesn’t just clean up that old oil spill; it washes away any dirt, mold, or grime clinging to your engine.

Convertible Top Cleaning

Believe it or not, convertibles require a little extra care to get perfectly clean. A convertible top is a very sensitive component. In fact, some convertible owners are afraid that going through an express car wash will damage this expensive piece. They also worry that a basic wash won’t get the small spaces in between the frame and removable top. A unique convertible top cleaning service helps you get the perfect clean, no matter if you are driving a cloth or hard top.

Go Beyond an Everyday Clean

At R&J’s Auto Spa, we work hard to make sure every vehicle gets the extreme, deep clean it deserves. Contact us today to learn more about our add-on services and how they can help you get the best clean available.